Time Theme Pro

Starting today time theme pro version will be available to the community.


Thanks to all members of the community who contributed financially acquiring this version the previous year. An apology for the delay of the update to the 2.0 branch elgg.

All collaborations are welcome on the official github repository.


  • Hello Fernando, I've implanted your Plug'in on my wife's website (Elgg 2.2) and it's great.

    One of his great features is a banner in the user profile.
    But it is very important for my wife that there is a banner also in the visualization of the groups.

    I tried to implement, but I only managed half of the feature to work.

    I wanted to see if you could create this implementation.
    Or help me finish this change.

    From what I've seen, it will be reasonably easy to do as long as I understand the code.

    I'm an old programmer and I still mess up these things with MVC and OO.