making linkable images slideshow in facebook theme1.8...plz help

the code required to make this slideshow via start.php file or other files at bottom of left bar at dashboard....

  • What you are asking for isn't something as simple as to be coded in just a few minutes. I can't give you a working code for the Facebook theme plugin. And I doubt anyone else can do that because the Facebook theme for Elgg 1.8 is very, very outdated (as is Elgg 1.8) and I don't think anyone will spend time on it except you pay them to code such a feature for you.

    I would suggest to not use the Facebook theme for Elgg 1.8 anyway because it was never free of bugs and is not supported by the developer since years (as it wasn't meant mainly for demonstrating purposes). Also, sticking on Elgg 1.8 is a dead-end. Try to use only plugins that allow you to use newer versions of Elgg.

    Some examples for image sliders can be found in

    Maybe these plugins will give you some guidance of how to implement an image slider for the Facebook theme. Though the Widget Manager plugin has the slider functionality embedded in a Slider widget, so it might not be as straightforward to get it working within the Facebook theme. The Slider plugin gives a more general example of how to implement an image slider. But as I said it won't work on Elgg 1.8 directly, so you would have to backport it first which might not be an easy task by itself.

  • In addition to what iionly has said, you can use this Facebook_theme for Elgg 2.2.1 but instead of the user site banner, use Elgg slider to run your site banners or you can upload let say 20 photos to theElgg data file and let unique images be generated every time a user refreshes a page.

    I have updated facebook theme for latest versions and for web or desktops and  mobile devices but have not finished it due to my family schedule change.

    Here is the mobile version of the facebook theme Facebook Theme

    or you can view the screenshot of the mobile version on this link

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