Stickers, Gifs, Emoticons (maybe stupid...maybe not)

Hi everybody,

Can't do much here on community but still throw some ideas.

I must say that the more I use Telegram IM the more I think it would be very nice to have a plugin for Elgg adding:

  • emoticons (this should be relatively easy by adding to the bundled ckeditor, possibly with a setting in admn area) this module or any other emoticon service)
  • but, better, stickers
  • and gifs

I know this can sound a very stupid thing to all great devs here but makes communications way more fun, people really like it...well, including myself I guess. They all add emotions/fun/entertainment to text, we are still humans (luckily)! :)


  • i am using my emoticon_css plugin:

    you can decide which parts of the site will have emoticons added and which will not by following the guidelines / notes for the plugin.

    there are other emoticon plugins for elgg but i use this one as it doesn't use any image files.

  • Thanks Ura.

    Before posting I searched for a plugin here in community but found nothing as I meant. Yours and Slyhne's plugins only and they both rely on users writing text then being converted into icons but that's...web 1.0....old like us :D (<--- my 20YO cousin doesn't even know what this is...typo? Software problem? Broken smartphone? :D)

    Jokes apart, that style is for internet users of certain age and devs.

    Average users want to:

    1. tap on a menu item
    2. select desired emoticon/gif/sticker (even browsing them is starting to be perceived as screens should be able to show al of them at once...)
    3. send

    Unfortunatey we can't change that and anyways....quick/intuitive interfaces are and will be a must to think about as devs/site admins.



    PS The more I think about it the more I'm convinced, See how many News in this directions by Telegram, FB, Skype, Whatsapp,...

  • I think Telegram is using this service which seems to have a public, OSS API...posting here for future reference.

  • i do like using the emoticon system in as there is a big collection of them in there. basically, i would like to combine with elgg - taking the best parts of both.