I Tidypics not work - I get can not access view of ajax

Good evening, I would like to help me

I have installed elgg 2.2  in ubuntu server 14.04 and plugin to upload photos shown me the notification

'ajax:not_is_xhr' => 'No puedes acceder a las vista AJAX directamente',

which is not the problem, I'm new to elgg

thak you!

  • Which version of Tidypics are you using. Is the latest version recommended for Elgg 2? Currently the latest version to use would be Tidypics version 2.0.1. And I recommend to use Elgg 2.2.1 also.

    If your problem is not caused by the version of Tidypics used, is it a problem caused by the browser? Have you tried it with another browser? Or could it be caused by some other 3rd party plugin used on your site? Have you tried it with all other 3rd party plugins temporarily disabled to see if the problem still occurs then?