HTML5 uploader not working

i installed the tidypics plugin on elgg 1.12. it works fine and is very easy to use. the only thing that bothers me is the HTML5 uploader which just does not work. 

it is showing up and you can select images but you can never upload them. the uploader looks this way when you select an image. the thumbnail shows up but you can not select and upload it. 


  • I've just tried it myself on Elgg 1.12 to see if I can reproduce the issue. But everything looks fine for me and works. Which version of Tidypics are you using? Latest version recommended for Elgg 1.12? Latest version of Elgg 1.12? An earlier version of Tidypics contained a version of the HTML5 uploader that could fail to work on some browsers. But the current latest available version of Tidypics should no longer have this issue. Have you tried with another browser to see if the problem is browser-specific?

    Could it be a conflict with another 3rd party plugin used on your site resulting in the problem? Could you test by disabling other 3rd party plugins (including any theme plugin) temporarily to find out if the problem is gone then?

    It looks to me similar to an issue that occured on Elgg 2.2.0 due to a version of jquery-ui bundled in Elgg core that were not fully backward compatible with the version used before. The HTML5 uploader of Tidypics wasn't fully working with this version. But it was only the icons used within the uploader not showing up correctly (while the uploading of images still worked). This issue is fixed in Elgg 2.2.1 now. But this problem should occur in Elgg 1.12 because it comes with an older version of jquery-ui not causing this problem. But maybe one of the 3rd party plugins you have installed also has the jquery / jquery-ui libs bundled in a newer version than Elgg itself and this might cause the trouble then with Tidypics.

  • thanks for the reply.

    you are right - it's really to the theme (time theme) and accurs only when this theme is activated. but it's not a big thing. we will reduce the uploading capacity anyway to just a few images so that we can use the non-HTML5 uploader.

  • I'm not sure if the Time theme is the reason it does look the way it does for you. I've tried it myself and I can't reproduce.