Problema carpeta DATA elgg 2.2

Hello, please , I have a problem. Download the version 2.2 of Elgg and I install and good, but came to the DATA folder and tells me that is not a valid directory.

Place a code I saw another tutorial modifying the elgginstaller.php and fix that, but the next step , creating the administrator account , he tells me now that the cache path is invalid.

Please , I beg you , I've watched hundreds of pages and none give a coherent explanation and I can not specify the installation .

I am installing a hosting folder / htdocs / elgg / (I have 1.9 installed on the same server hosting and is full)

Please help




Hola, por favor, tengo un problema. Descargue la version 2.2 de Elgg y la instalo y todo bien, pero llego a la carpeta DATOS y me dice que no es un directorio valido.

Coloque un codigo que vi en otro tutorial modificando el elgginstaller.php y solucione eso, pero al siguiente paso, creando la cuenta de administrador, me dice ahora que la ruta cache no es valida.

Por favor, lo suplico, he mirado ya cientos de paginas y ninguna da una explicacion coherente y no consigo concretar la instalacion.

Lo estoy instalando en un hosting de, carpeta /htdocs/elgg/ (ya tengo instalado un 1.9 en un hosting del mismo servidor y va full)

Por favor, ayudadme

  • If it's telling you it's not a valid directory then it's almost certainly not a valid directory, or the permissions are wrong such that the server doesn't have access to the directory.  Do not modify elgginstaller.php, that is not the correct course of action.

  • the permissions are 777 to the data folder. I've tried a thousand things . is there something wrong ... I need not tell me what I already but as it is done . an example or whatnot . but tell me something I do wrong ... that it is now.
    Thanks also

  • I can't tell you what you did wrong because I don't know what you did.  The message said it's not a valid directory.  What did you enter for the directory?  Are you sure it exists?

    From the command line you should be able to put in:

    cd <whatever you entered into that field>

    From anywhere.


    I put both the url link ( mysite / data / ) as well probe with home / htdocs / data) and always tells me the same. The folder has 777 permissions and the folder is created outside the directory elgg therefore the error which is not

  • Creation of the data directory outside the Elgg install directory (actually outside the document root directory) is correct. If the data directory is outside document root (as it should be) setting permissions to 777 is also correct.

    What's wrong is to enter any kind of url. You need to provide the full, absolute path to the data directory on the filesystem of the server instead. If it worked for the Elgg 1.9 installation it should work for the Elgg 2.2 installation in the same way. So, check the path you entered for Elgg 1.9 and enter the corresponding path to the data directory of Elgg 2.2.

    If it still fails to work with the correct filepath (and there's only one correct path possible) the php config on your server might use the open_basedir directive in php.ini that determines which directories are accessible. If open_basedir is used, the data directory of your Elgg 1.9 installation might be included in the list of allowed directories whereas the new data directory for Elgg 2.2 would not be included.

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