how to change css of mobile website?

By moam

i use elgg 1.8 and want to change css of mobile plugin through its css file 

  • Did you meant Mobilize plugin?

    If yes then you can save all your changes in mobilize\views\mobile\css\mobilize.php

  • no, I use mobile plugin ....firstly tried mobilize but user couldnot find profile page in I use mobile and i dont know where css file...

  • There's not only a single CSS filte. There are several. Just look into the subfolders in mobile/views/mobile/. Firstly, there's a css folder that contains several css files. And some of the other folders also contain css files.

    But the mobile plugin is no longer maintained and the developer mentioned himself that it still contains some bugs. As I already suggested in the discussion about the Facebook theme, it would be better to upgrade to a newer Elgg version instead of being stuck on Elgg 1.8 with plugins that no one maintains anymore. With Elgg 1.9 and newer you also get the Aalborg theme already as a bundled plugin. This theme is a responsive theme that will also work nice on mobile devices out of the box.

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