defaul language for users

Hi all,
I am using the elgg: 2.2.0

I define in(by administrator login):
      admin -> settings -> basic settings -> The default language for your site: Italian

but, the login "home page" is in italian, but when the user 
do the login the language is "English" and user to get italian has to change
the language in italian.

How can I set the language of the user in italian also when the user has done the login?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best Regards



  • I think the default user language is only used for new accounts (created after you changed the default site language). For existing accounts the default language is the language set as site language at the time of creation.

    If you want your site to be Italian exclusively, you can try my Monolingual plugin ( It will remove the option for users to select any user-specific language (with exception of admins) and the user language for existing accounts is switched to the site language on their next login.