Customizing language for Group Wire Posts page.

So at the moment i am trying to create separate wire feeds based on location. The best way i have found to accomplish is to use groups. I also utilize the sub-groups plugin aswell as the wire tools plugin. So now each group has its own wire feed. Now i would like to add a menu option for 'International' and link it directly to the 'International wire feed'. I want to bypass the groups main page entirely. I have accomplished this. However when you go to that page, it is title 'Group wire posts'. Im going to have multiple feeds, so this will get confusing for users. I would like it to say 'International Recipes' for example. But then when i create another wire feed for Canada, i would want it to say "Canada recipes' for example.

I am aware that i could modify the name of the wire feed using a plugin or a languages file, but this requires a smarter approach. Could i create a language file and wite code similiar to this. (Im very new to PHP) $languages= "(get_nameofgroup) recipes"

Im sure thats not right, its just an example. I am not asking anybody to do my work for me, but perhaps point in a direction or let me know if im wasting my time. Maybe somone has already done something similiar?