help with my fancybox or colorbox,it doesn't load with ajax

i need help with my elgg installation my fancybox/colorbox does not load with ajax.for example in the pluginlist., i selected a plugin "".it outputs "Bad request...Sorry. The request is invalid or incomplete."i use elgg 2.2.x...thanks for the assistance.

  • I think Elgg does not support fancybox anymore since Elgg 1.9. It supports colorbox instead since then. If any plugin still relies on fancybox, it would have to provide the fancybox libs on its own. Though it's quite likely that a plugin won't do that and therefore you won't be able to use this plugin on Elgg 1.9 or newer (and of course also not on Elgg 2.2).

    Most likely your problem is caused from using a plugin that has not been updated since quite a while and is not working correctly on your current Elgg version anymore (most likely not on any Elgg 2 version). Are you using any plugins that haven't been released to be compatible with Elgg 2? If this is the case I would suggest you test if you still have the problem with the lightboxes in the plugin list with these plugins turned off. This is not a fix but you would know at least what plugin or plugins are responsible for the problem.

  • thanks works i was using a 1.8 plugin in elgg 2.2.X

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