Minds just open-sourced a fork of elgg on angular2, cassandra and more

Hey everyone, 

It's been a long time coming but we finally released the full stack for https://minds.com at https://minds.org. It includes both web and mobile apps for android and iOS. 

We are extremely excited to collaborate with the elgg community. Please star us at https://github.com/minds and submit any questions and issues. Let's develop together and federate!


  • If I want to use Mind's mobile apps with my existing elgg website. Is that possible?

  • Can you give us a general sense of where you're using real GUIDs (not autoinc)? I couldn't find the schema either.

  • looks like the minds team aren't going to respond in the community here. it would be great to be able to extract some features into core elgg, such as realtime notifications

  • @Michele - I've been doing a lot of work with apps lately using elgg as the server side API.  I have plans to release some stuff, as always it's waiting for me to clear a mountain of stuff ahead of it... but it's coming.

  • i spoke briefly with bill at minds.com yesterday and he said that they barely use any elgg code at all now. so it is maybe unlikely that they will be moving to help elgg any time soon. i am a bit confused by their thread here since i opened an issue in the minds github repo to discuss the idea that they posted here and have had zero response and no evidence of excitement at all :/

  • he said that they barely use any elgg code

    I've looked into Minds engine code pretty deeply and this statement is pretty true. There's an awful lot of vestigial Elgg 1.8 code remaining, but they've deprecated almost all of it, significantly changed a lot, and their true bootstrap is completely different. They are using views in plugins, but their plugins barely resemble ours. They have a new unified event system with some hacks to support Elgg-style hook/event handlers. While they use ElggObject, ->save() and elgg_get_entities() are rewritten to use Cassandra. Basically the (very old) Elgg bits that they're still using are probably a liability at this point, stuff lying about that doesn't really work due to changes elsewhere. Elgg did its job: it allowed them to launch more quickly, but probably scaled poorly.

  • Because I think this wasn't really an announcement for opensource or collaboration, it's a "hey, hey, look at me!" announcement.