What's new in Elgg 1.5?

Two questions:

  1. What has changed from Elgg 1.2 to Elgg 1.5?
  2. What do I need to do to make sure my plugins work with v1.5 and with the new River?
  • I'd like to know something,too.

    What I care is optimization of this framework. I did a test with Elgg 1.2 on ngnix /PHP Fast-CGI / archlinux, Intel Duo Core T2330,1G DDR2 and with XCache,Zend Optimizer, Memcached, and I got 5 requests/seconds in Apache Benchmark. I think it's a terrible lacking of optimization in production used.

    So I'd like to know the optimization issue in the new version.

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Feedback and Planning

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