Fatal Error

I consulted by the plugin: emailplus throws an error on line 255:

Fatal error: Class 'Message' not found in /home/u221340249/public_html/mod/emailplus/lib/emailplus.php on line 255

emailplus it indicates that the plugin is to be used with elgg 1.12 and I have installed Elgg 2.1.2 have to do with it as I fix the error, of course thank you very much

  • Very likely the Emailplus plugin is not fully compatible with Elgg 2 yet. While I see that around line 255 there's some indication of support for Elgg 2 the error seems to be caused by the necessary Elgg 2 message class not being available.

    It might help to add a line

    use Zend\Mail\Message;

    at the top of the file emailplus/lib/emailplus.php. But without using and testing this myself I can't say for sure. And there might be other issues with using the Emailplugin plugin on Elgg 2. Maybe it helps to notify the plugin developer about the issue and ask for help / an updated version.