problems with trying to invite a friend

hello community pepole...

In my elgg system, when I try to invite a member as a friend, I got no Confirmation message and there is no friend request on the other side.

What should I need to check in order to find the problem source?

Thank you very much

I am realy sorry for my English.


  • Hi,

    I had the same problem until recently.

    As Admin go to Site Administration and make sure you have an e-mail where it says:

           Site email address (used when sending system emails)

    If it is blank (with no e-mail) then the messages will not arrive.

    I hope that helps. If not, let us know.

  • hI Woodward

    thank you for your help...

    Well, I did that but nothing cahaged.

  • @yoram erez - on my site it seems to work only when sending out 1 inviatation at a time - I think there is a fix for that somewhere, just can't remember where. 

    I actually prefer that my members can only invite one person at a time, makes them think before they invite.  So I've changed the translation to something to the effect of: Invite a friend, by adding his/her email address and clicking on send.

  • Thank you. I found the problem. it was the moderation plugin.

    when i took it out, everything came back to nurmal.