getting the isotope plugin loader (bridget) to load while elgg's simple cache is active?

i am using the jquery plugin 'isotope' to load tidypics albums in lists and after a lot of playing with different approaches i have gotten it to work ok on my site, along with a lazyloading plugin. however, i just discovered that when i activate the elgg simple cache, isotope fails to load. the problem is that isotope uses another script (that is included within the isotope file) to convert isotope into a jquery plugin and this secondary script is being loaded by requireJS... when elgg detects that the file (called 'bridgit') is being called by isotope, elgg attempts to load bridgit from the elgg cache rather than from the correct place within the isotope js file. since there is no version of bridgit in the elgg cache, the whole process fails.

i did attempt to load bridgit into the elgg cache as a workaround, but that didn't work, for unknown reasons.

does anyone have a clue how to resolve this?

the js file i am currently using to call isotope is below for reference (imagesLoaded is yet another helper script that comes with isotope to detect when all the images are loaded).. i have used many different variations on this file and this is the only one i have gotten to work in any way reliably (except for the caching issue):

    var $ = require('jquery');
    var isotope = require('isotope');
    var imagesLoaded = require('imagesLoaded');
    var hypeList = require('hypeList');
        require(['jquery', 'isotope', 'imagesLoaded', 'hypeList'], function ($, Isotope) {
            imagesLoaded.makeJQueryPlugin( $ );
            // require jquery-bridget, it's included in isotope.pkgd.js
            require(['jquery-bridget/jquery-bridget'], function() {

                // make Isotope a jQuery plugin
                $.bridget('isotope', Isotope, $);

                // now you can use $().isotope()
                $grid = $(".tidypics-album-list").isotope({
                    itemSelector: '.elgg-item',
                    layoutMode: 'masonry',
                    percentPosition: true,
                    // options for masonry layout mode
                    masonry: {
                        columnWidth: '.elgg-item',
                    //    gutter: '.elgg-item'

                // layout Isotope after each image loads
                $grid.imagesLoaded().progress( function() {


                // add only the items that were shown in the last page load to isotope.
                var instance = $('.tidypics-album-list').data('hypeList');
                $(instance).on('pageShown', function(options) {
                    var listOptions =,
                        limit = listOptions.limit,
                        count = listOptions.count,
                        totalPages = count/limit,
                        // % = mod
                        itemsOnLastPage = count % limit,
                        activePage = listOptions.activePage,

                    if (activePage < totalPages)
                        itemsAlreadyLoaded = activePage * limit;
                        itemsJustAdded = limit;
                    else {
                        itemsAlreadyLoaded = count;
                        itemsJustAdded = itemsOnLastPage;

                    // get elements to add
                    var elements = $('.tidypics-album-list').find('.elgg-item').slice(itemsAlreadyLoaded - itemsJustAdded,itemsAlreadyLoaded);

                    // initially hide new elements, and use imagesLoaded
                    var $elements = $( elements ).hide().imagesLoaded( function() {
                      // show when ready to reveal
                      // append items to grid
                      // add and lay out newly appended items
                      .isotope( 'appended', $elements );