How to call HTML via AJAX

I'm trying to call a view in Elgg via AJAX, but nothing works after >>HERE<<

requirejs(["elgg/Ajax"], function(Ajax) {
    var ajax = new Ajax();
    //rest of your code!!

    $('.glyphicon-zoom-in').click(function(event) {

        $( '.full-image-view' ).css( "color", "red" ).append('<div>This Shows Well</div>');

        // **>>HERE<<**

        ajax.view('albums/inline_full_image_view', {
            data: {
                guid: 123 // querystring
        }).done(function (output, statusText, jqXHR) {
            if (jqXHR.AjaxData.status == -1) {

Output : This Shows Well

What could I be getting wrong?

Thank you all in advance.



echo 'Hello World';
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Beginning Developers

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