login / password problems


some of the members on the site i am beta testing are having problems logging in. it seems to be random and intermittent.i don't think it is the htaccess / token mismatch problem as described elsewhere (at least it is not just that)

i can replicate the token mismatch problem myself. when there is no www the error comes up then the url corrects itself and you can login the 2nd time.

but a few of the members have reported not being able to get in even with knowing this..

please help...  membership for the site is open at present (even though it is in beta) i would really like to get to the bottom of this to avoid frustration on a new user's behalf.

(i have debug mode on so my Elgg Diagnostic Report should be more detailed, correct?  i will send this on to anyone who can help me troubleshoot this.)