How can you disable email validation?

My users aren't getting email validations, so how do I disable email validation without disabling registration? Also is there a way to validate a user who can't get an email?

  • Deactivate the plugin user validation by email in the admin > plugin page.

  • It seems like you're trying to solve the wrong problem, why not try to solve the reason why email isn't being sent instead of disabling features that use email?

  • Either his emails are going to spam on the user's end or the mail server isn't setup properly on his server. Could be something else.

  • Some info about how to fix email issues:

    You can activate accounts in the admin section ("Administer" - "Users" - "Unvalidated"). But I would also suggest to try fixing the issue with emails not arriving. Account validation is just one thing (and if you would modify the account creation process to get rid of the email requirement you would also lose an option to verify that users are not spammers). Additionally, users can also receive email notifications in Elgg (on receiving private messages, getting comments etc.). If your users are not required to provide an email address on account creation you would also have to modify the email notification implementation / GUI elements. Otherwise your users are very likely getting confused ("How can I get these notifications?") and some plugins might even fail to work correctly without email notifications working.