Function: adding existing content to groups

Very lacks function: adding existing content to groups.

For example, member created an entry in a personal blog. But entry must be in the group blog. Currently no possibility move entry to blog group.

  • There's the Containers plugin ( It's not yet updated for Elgg 2 - maybe it works nonetheless. It offers the functionality you are looking for at least for certain types of content (I don't know if it works for all types of entities added by 3rd party plugins).

  • i have upgraded containers to be compatible with elgg version 2.x now. it does not support all 3rd party plugins - only the core ones and some others such as videolist, tidypics and polls.

    i will be uploading 2.x versions of most of my plugins in the next few days - once i have my site upgraded and have done some more testing. if you want to test 2.x version of containers then let me know and i will prioritise updating the github repo for it.

  • Yes, I've seen this plugin. But it is better that function has been in core.

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