publish a draft by using cron


I have the same problem as Volodya a few years ago. I'd like to change a blog's status from "draft" to "published" automatically by using a cron job.

The background is that I'm writing blogs during an online course and I'd like my students to read them step by step, e.g. one on Monday and one on Friday. However, I'm not always here for publishing these blogs but have them all already saved as drafts, that's why I want them to be published automatically.

Unfortunately I'm only a user and not a developer. That's why I can't do coding :(

I have the idea of letting the code search for the specific number or title of the blog and "simply" set the status from "draft" to "published". And afterwards this code will be activated by a cron job from outside.

Can anyone help me please and write this code for me?

Thanks a lot! :)