Plugin to give members ability to style profile pages

By JayT

In the social network we are creating, we would like to offer members the ability change backgrounds on their profile pages and to make some other changes - like color choices and perhaps backgrounds for certain sections. We're using Elgg 1.12.

I've tried combining a few plugins with partial success - mainly the Personal Style plugin by ColdTrick IT Solutions and the Themer plugin by Arsalan Shah. I am using code from some other plugins as well including code to put the menu link in the hover menu on the profile.

The Personal Style plugin is set up so members can choose a background for the entire site that only they can view. I have managed to restrict that background view to just profile pages, but have not been able to restrict it to just the one member's profile. I have also not been able to have the choice show for other logged-in members. And, image upload doesn't work.

The Themer plugin is intended to be used by site owners to style their site with the link to the editing page in the Admin section. The changes made by this plugin show to the public. I have been able to move the editing page and link so that a member can make the changes, but I haven't been able to limit the changes to just profile pages - or especially to one member's profile page. I also realize that changes also need to be made when uploading an image to use as a background since the original plugin was only concerned with uploading one image and replacing it when a new image was uploaded.

I have the "editing" from both plugins all on one page but it needs tweaking as sometimes one will interfere with the other.

I've been searching the docs and have "earmarked" many pages, but I can't seem to find what I need. I can't quite get my head around ElggObjects and file uploads. I had been making slow progress, but nothing I've tried recently seems to work, so it's time to ask for suggestions and help.

So, is anyone interested in seeing what can be done? Any suggestions on the best way to proceed? Any examples of code that can be used as a starting point? To say that I don't know much about coding is an overstatement, but I'm willing to put forth the effort to learn if anyone is willing to mentor.


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