Elgg 1.12.10 released

I can't post a blog so I've decided to add this here

Elgg 1.12.10 is now available


  • Steve Clay (13)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (6)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (4)
  • Jerôme Bakker (1)
  • bruno-infotrad (1)
  • iionly (1)
  • jdalsem (1)


  • cron: added an example how to register a cron hook handler (4b54a099)
  • i18n:
    • clarifies limitations of elgg.echo (83b2c106)
    • recommends an English translation for all new language keys (facc222b, closes #9375)

Bug Fixes

  • annotations: fixes time-based annotations searches (6d5e1b78, closes #9785)
  • autoload: fixes bugs in class map saving (18ea55fa)
  • comments: email subject hook now validates array structure (5df7f40b, closes #9772)
  • core: remove duplicate tags upon input (096cf4b8)
  • css: only apply vertical padding on ajax loader of user hover menu (d9c8326e)
  • file:
  • forms:
    • empty plugin settings forms no longer wrapped in a form tag (5f7dbcd0, closes #9704)
    • empty form body no longer wrapped in a form tag (dc68d04e)
  • html: autop no longer ltrims next to a leading inline element (6785ee88, closes #9790)
  • http: all unhanded exceptions send 500 status code (2f45c2ca, closes #9758)
  • js:
    • elgg.echo recognizes empty translation strings (does not return key) (1d32b2c2)
    • action token refresh now correctly replaces tokens in urls (7b4e0db2)
    • do not trigger generic ajax error message for token refresh (e052481f)
    • prevent generic ajax error when user aborts the ajax call (1b5a765f)
  • notifications: smtp thread headers only set if still possible (f3bb4ac4)
  • site: adds robots.txt to public pages (824197b1)
  • users: mitigate race conditions when deleting/disabling users (da45affe)
  • views:
    • no breadcrumbs in error layout (b25324a3)
    • do not output empty string titles in page/elements/title (41eecbe3)