Images don't show after installation

Hello everybody,

I've just installed the last version of elgg, and images don't show. Nothing to help me in the FAQ. What could I tell you for you to help me solving this issue?

I already can tell that I can see uploaded pictures.

The website is here.


  • This is what I did before Bruno: "Use simple cache (recommended) and Use system cache (recommended) unchecked". Now, I check them, no change.



  • It sounds like you might be having timezone problem.

    Your timezone for the server might not be defined in the php.ini config file of the server.

    If you can modify the server's php.ini file and add a line for example like, linedate.timezone = 'America/Denver'in the [Date] section (in case you need another timezone check for the appropriate entry at

    If you can't modify the server's php.ini, you can follow the advice here (Different timezone): .

    It might also be possible to config the timezone in Elgg's .htaccess file (php_value ...).

    Hope this can help.
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  • Not sure what is going on now. I am not getting 404 anymore when requesting the files but the icons still do not show up. The broken icon URL is see in my browser is and I get a HTTP 200 but nothing like the pdf icon in mod/files/_graphics/icons/pdf.gif which should look like ...At this point, I agree with Juho, try and find your error log (should be in the same spot as access_log).


  • @Tom: I can't modify php.ini. What's said in the wiki was already in the file. Thanks anyway Tom!

    @Bruno and Juho : Found how to get error logs! :) The day I installed elgg.


  • Last lap folks! New set up, and it's now ok. If you find anything in error logs feel free to post it here but my (other) installation is all right now. Thanks for all your help.


  • Do you happen to know what you made differently now that it works? My previous suggested were not really helpful (as I only noticed afterwards that your problem wasn't connected with uploaded image but rather the static images/icons of Elgg itself).

    I intended to suggest to copy the Elgg core files over the existing files as maybe some files were missing on the server, i.e. installation imcomplete, resulting in the issue. If this would have been the case overwriting the install folder again with the original Elgg files (same Elgg version) might have fixed the issue with all the files being available then. Or the problem might have been due the path to the data directory not containing a slash at the end (though I don't know if this is still an issue with the current version of Elgg). Or the problem might have been due to usage of a too old version of php on the server (as Elgg 2 now requires php 5.5 as minimum).

    I had the same problem the icons were showing up more I erased my history in my browser and all returned to normal