Integrating community plugins with Github

Hi all,

As some may know, I have started working on integrating community plugins repository with Github during ElggCamp. Here is the first stab: If you have suggestions, please let me know sooner.

What it's going to do:

  • Allow plugin authors import Github releases when they create a plugin project in the community
  • Allow plugin authors setup webhooks on Github to push new releases to the community 

Current limitations:

  • Releases will have to include an uploaded .zip package - we can not rely on Github's zipballs (composer/bower/npm dependencies will have to be resolved before the community release is made)
  • Plugin manifests will have to be adjusted to better reflect Elgg version constraints (i.e. in addition to standard elgg_release require, plugins will need to specify the upper boundary with an additional require containing lt comparison). This will be needed to properly resolve supported Elgg versions, as well determine if the synced release should be made 'Recommended'
Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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