Why Elgg engine is becoming popular

Today, most of my members who used to have accounts on Facebook were thanking me for running a site based on elgg engine. Even though my website is a social network like Facebook, the site does give members a place to meet and discuss their issues freely with limited ads and no treading column like Facebook. In fact for the past week, Facebook has been in a hot soup concerning how it has been treating women at work and the conservatives' treading news column!

If you own or have a Facebook account, you are more than a product, you are a slave - all of the Facebook's value comes from every keystroke Facebook's members make for free and then through data mining process, businesses pays Facebook by buying shares and or buying ads while the Facebook members get nothing! Is't that what slaves globally were fighting aganist for many years?

How has your elgg based site unlike Facebook and other popular social networks has made a difference in your community member's lives?

~ This discussion was posted via a cellphone ~