filtering group activity for groups we are not members of

this is a topic that i have raised before and i recall that for some reason it was decided not to implement something like i am going to suggest here in elgg core - but having thought this through some more, i am ever more sure it is a good idea ;oP

essentially, when we view the main activity page there is no way to stop viewing the activity for groups we are not interested in. this means we are forced to sift through potentially large amounts of information to get access to what we prefer to look at. this will be a problem on some sites more than others. i wrote a plugin back in 1.7.x that allowed the activity list to be filtered by specific groups and it was this specific feature that was rejected when i suggested it for elgg core. but this leaves us with no useful filter at all and there is definitely a space for one.

my suggestion is to add a simple checkbox next to the subtype filter dropdown on the main activity page to choose to exclude activity in groups you are not a member of. there are lots of ways to go about something like this, but i feel this kind of ability would make elgg sites much more appealing and easier to use.

anyone got comments?

  • I had a similar idea where I suggest to add a new tab along with "All", "Mine" and "Friends" where I can only view the activity of my groups (groups I am a member of)

    Detailed Discussion Here:

  • ok, yes - i thought about this and realised that having a 'groups' tab would not easily allow us to view only friends activity in groups, or only our own activity in groups - for example. by adding a checkbox to filter out groups we are not members of, we can easily then apply that to all of the other tabs - which gives us much more functionality and no extra tabs taking up space on the page :)

  • Have you considered making a plugin or work branch to try this?

  • if i coded it, i would probably add it to my 'sorted' plugin, since that is where i have been adding filtering to entity lists - but i have a way to go before that is totally finished - so i thought i would see whether anyone would accept this as a core feature. if it doesn't get added to core i will probably add it to 'sorted' at some point, but it will take me a while to get to.

  • i have now added this function - and some other related ones - to my sorted plugin. so far i like the results and it is running on my live site at i will clean up the code and test some more, then share in the community. it is only for 1.12.x so far though and a 2.x version will come after i upgrade my site to 2.x.

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