Changing Header and footer in Elgg version 2.1.1

Hi developers? am new to elgg world so if I ask a stupid question just understand me. Am creating a website using Elgg 2.1.1 and there some things I would like to change. I want to change homepage instead of showing All activities for non-logged in users, i want to show them login page and some background image. I also want to re,move the footer section and put my own customized footer. I also want to change the size of the avater and make it bigger. A lot of questions, isn't? Last one though, how do i edit the menue i.e, Blog, Bookmark, Group, Files, not in order though, and put my own menues. I have searched through the web and all am seeing is for earlier versions of Elgg i.e 1.x. Any help or link will be appreciated. Am using Aalborg theme.

  • Yeah Elgg 2.1.1 is the latest version so there's lots of outdated info searchable from older versions.  Some of that info is still relevant though.

    Elgg comes with a plugin 'front page demo' that is a good template for how to customize the homepage.  Take a look at that.

    Header/footer - these would be view overrides.  You can simply copy the existing view to your own plugin and make changes there.  As long as your plugin is last on the list then your views will override previously existing ones.  More about that here:

    Menus - there is a plugin called "menu builder" that is quite good that may fit your needs.  For anything more advanced you'll need to use plugin hooks and those are described with examples here:

  • Thanks for your reply. Quite helpful. And i stil seem not to have my way through the footer file. Can you give me the name of the folder that contains the footer codes?

  • The footer view is in views/default/page/elements/footer.php

    You should copy the core file to your own plugin: mod/myplugin/views/default/page/elements/footer.php

    and make your changes there.

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