River pagination shows empty pages

Can any experts suggests why some pages in river seeing empty, for example, I have 7 pages in river which page number 3 and 5 are not showing anything , can some one help how to resolve this ?

  • Seems on 3rd party plugins' errors. If you has deactivated the early installed plugins then could be stay some objects that was created by them (look at Statistics on Administration dashboard - you can see these records, eg item:type:object etc).

    The logs investigation and manual cleaning of wrong records from DB could help you.

    Run Logrotate/Garbage collector also.

  • @RvR Thanks for the information, but Statistics > Oveview doesn't provide any information on that, can you please help me with any other ideas ?

  • What about server's log (eg, error.log for Apache) ?

    Can you post a link to your website with this issue?

  • @RVR currently the site is working in offline, BTW error log reports nothing about it, I assume clearing the fields in database will solve the issue, but don't know which are unusable ones. can you say a optimal solution for this.

  • Reasons for not showing:

    • entries belong to a deactivated plugin,
    • there's some bug in the plugin the entries belong to resulting in them not being displayed,
    • some access level issue.

    You are the one knowing best (the only one knowing) what plugins you might have used in the past that now are no longer used on your site. You might want to try re-adding any removed plugin at least temporarily to see if there are some additional entries showing in the river with the plugin(s) re-enabled. If this is the case, you could also delete these entries then directly on the activity page without the need to modify the database directly.

    With bugs in plugin causing the problem there should be some error logged or showing in the browser console. If the problem isn't caused by a plugin no longer used the problem might also still show up for newly added entries (from this plugin) so you would have to try to figure out what plugin causes the problem.

    With access level not sufficient it might happen that some entries are not showing up (while they are still counted for the pagination) when logged in as normal user (not having all permissions like group membership). But all entries should show up at least when logged in as admin. If you get see more as admin than as a normal user you could at least figure out why it is not showing up for a normal user.

  • I assume the issue for pagination occurs when adding a comment in river section . Is there any way to detect it directly from database ? If pagination is not working correctly there is no use with the site. Can some one please provide a permanent fix for this.