Using social login plugin on a shared server. Oauth disabled in php.ini file but oauth extension module is still loaded.


I am using social login plugin for facebook and gmail login. It was working fine on my website till last week bluehost changed my php configuration in an upgradation. After identifying the the social login failure, I changed the php.ini file to desired configuration. The configuration is getting reflected to but the social login diagnostic failed and here is the result below. For some reason unknown to me the php oauth extension is loaded (I have no other plugin enabled which has oauth).


Social Login Plugin Diagnostics


1. URL Rewrite

OK! The rewrite rules on your server appear to be setup correctly for this plugin to work.



2. System Requirements

2.1 - PHP 5.2

OK! PHP >= 5.2.0 installed.

2.4 - OAuth API 1.8 plugin

FAIL! OAuth API plugin enabled.
OAuth API plugin is not compatible with this plugin, and many providers like twitter and myspace wont work! Please disabled it!

2.2 - CURL Extension

OK! PHP Curl extension [] installed.

2.3 - JSON Extension

OK! PHP JSON extension [] installed.

2.4 - PECL OAuth Extension

FAIL! PECL OAuth extension [] installed. OAuth PECL extension is not compatible with this library.


End of Diagnostics!