Error Ajax

Unexpected error while performing an AJAX call. Maybe the connection to the server is lost.

Friends, this appears when new members will create a new account in the registration box.

how can I solve?

For Elgg 1.10

  • see also

    Same advice as given there:

    • try if the error still occurs after updating your site to the latest Elgg 1.12 version (update to latest 1.11 and then latest 1.12 version). There shouldn't be any compatibility issues with 3rd party plugins with Elgg 1.12 (the plugins will work as good as on Elgg 1.10). Maybe the reason for the ajax error has been fixed in Elgg 1.12 in the meantime. Elgg 1.10 and 1.11 won't get any bugfixes anymore.
    • Check if the error is caused by one or several 3rd party plugins you are using, i.e. disable them all temporarily and then check if the error still occurs (best would be to check after upgrading to Elgg 1.12 of course). If the error doesn't occur with all 3rd party plugins disabled, enable them all one by one to identify the plugin(s) causing the error. If a plugin causes the error, check for newer releases of this plugin and if there is no such new release available yet report at least the error (without bug report the developer might not even know that there is a problem).