Elgg uses MYISAM as database storage engine why ?

As per our database design standards all our elgg databases uses MYISAM as storage engine why ? As it is a community website the traffic may be high and different sessions were opened at each time in each tables, as we know , MYISAM supports only a single session of DML statements and LOCK other session if current session is working, but innodb supports better crash recovery and provides multiple sessions in each table, why can't we change our databases into INNODB ? Is there any malfunctions happen in my site if i change all tables into INNODB ? Please have your suggestions on this.

  • I don't think you can convert all tabled to INNODB without losing some functionality (fulltext search) or maybe even have other issues. I think it's still a work in progress in Elgg core to support INNODB in Elgg core in future.

  • Yes, but one thing we must note is , if we allow multiple sessions to insert in database as innodb, suppose a person is registering a new account having user_id 65 and on other session other person is registering a new account at same time, will the user_id of both be get conflicted ? and both insertion will get failed , my doubt is ? can any body clear it ?

  • Keep in mind: http://learn.elgg.org/en/2.0/guides/dont-modify-core.html

    We switched 2 customer over to innodb. One with 50k users (currently 350k), and one with 8k users.

    We had to make a modification to the system_log file (see #9493)

    and since we used search_advanced, we could drop the full text indexes on all the tables.

    I believe that was all

  • @Jerome thanks for the information, elgg is a framework which need to support tons of user sessions at a time, the future engineering should be likewise, can you please provide the link to find out the depreciated php functions or removed functions from older version of elgg and its substitute in new versions ?

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