Is it possible to download the learn.elgg to read offline?

i will be tied up for the weekend with not much access to the www world. Is the learn documentation able to be pulled down to read on my iPad?

Also- It might be useful to add a link to the learn.elgg site back to Elgg. One of my pet peeves is becoming stuck in a site (like learn.elgg) that I was able to link directly to (say from the activity or discussions) but then am not able to link back to (like from learn.elgg back to the activity page). 

Just my my random thought on 1 cup of coffee, two racing little ones, and 1 peanut butter toast.

  • Thank you. 

    Did I miss an obvious method? (That would be par for today - and other days too.)

  • Did I miss an obvious method?

    Nope. It was Teleport webspider ;)

  • I'm making a second dive into the documentation and spent sometime reading about "ReadtheDocs" itself.

    Turns out they create a pdf file of documentation files on some periodic basis. I don't know how to do it manually (it's a python script - that's all I could find) but on a Google query:

    elgg 2 pdf read the docs

    I turned up the Elgg documentation as a pdf. As I just did it again to make sure it still worked, the pdf was last generated 5 days ago. The one I pulled down a week or so ago was from June I think.

    You can also pull other Elgg versions - I did see a 1.12 under this search as well.

    Just an FYI for others.


  • On you would normally be able to download the docs for example as pdf. At the bottom of the sidemenu on the left you would be able to open a menu to select not only different translations of the docs and also the docs for different Elgg version but you also have some download options.

    Unfortunately, the site has some kind of misconfiguration (or a bug in the building scripts) resulting in this menu not opening anymore on the default landing page. If you go to for the docs matching Elgg 1.9 you will see how the menu would work under normal circumstances. But the docs version for Elgg 1.9 is the most recent version the menu works as intended.