Problème avec les accents


je suis en train de traduire plusieurs plugins (event_calendar, ellgchat...) et autres car la traduction ne me satisfaisait pas ou n'existait pas. Cependant, si pour certains les accents ne posent pas de problèmes, pour d'autres, lorsque je mets un accent dans le fichier de traduction, la lettre apparait sous forme de carré dans le site. J'utilise le thème de base Allborfg... Avez vous une solution?

Je mettrai bien sur en ligne mes traductions dès qu'elles seront prêtes.


  • I think the problem is connected with the encoding used for saving the language files and the encoding used in the browser. Try it with saving your languages files with utf-8 encoding. This is the default used by Elgg. If you have no issues with other French language files apart from the one you create yourself, it should work then (with the browser detecting the encoding correctly).

  • Thank you for your quick answer.i'll try it :)

  • I have an other problem.I think you can help me, cause you create the plugin. Ellgchat appears sometimes bad, I can see only the command of the button text but not the text. I mean, in the back toolbarr for example, I see elggchat:friendspicker:info (0)

    instead of seeing the name I have given to the chat,,, What can I do?


  • Most likely this is caused by another plugin that is not fully compatible with the Elgg version you are using.

  • It make the same with event_calendar (header of the calender). I have solved the problem two days ago making something on the traduction file od event_calender. It was working... and now, since I tried to put the accent in french, it works no more...Maybe I did a mistake in the traduction file. Could you have a quick look on it? How can I give it to you?


  • It must be a problem with the traduction file because when I put the site in english, all works...

  • Solved! I also made some modifications on The Wire Tool plugin and it must be that. I removed my version of The Wire Tools, put the original one and it works!!

    thank you for your help and congrats for your plugins, they are just amazing :)

  • I've just switched to French on an Elgg 1.10 and and Elgg 2.1 test site to see if I see any issues. But I don't see any. The French translations work fine for me. As I don't speak French myself I usually don't check the French translation myself but trust the translators to provide a translation free of errors. The only issue I've noticed is that the site menu entry of the Event Calendar plugin on Elgg 2.X shows an icon before the text (it gets added in the item:object:event_calendar language string) that is surely not liked by everyone and I will therefore remove it in the next release of the Event Calendar plugin. But this should work on Elgg 2.X without issues for other plugins nevertheless.

    When you add or modify language files you have to make sure that you save the files without "Byte order marks" (or BOMs). These BOMs are invisible control characters added at the beginning of the file that will cause problems. You should use an editor that allows you to select the encoding for saving your language file and you should save them in "UTF-8 encoding without BOMs". Hopefully, they work then. Of course, you also need to make sure that you don't add any syntax errors in the file itself.

  • Thank you for your tips. I'll try this. Can you recommand me a good (and free) editor? For now I am using the basic notebook from Windows...

    There was no problems with the french translation but the file I found was very light... all wasn't translated... Where can I post the file I have translated, maybe it can be useful for some french people....

    Thanks for all

  • I'm not using Windows but only Linux, so I can't make a suggestion by own experience. Maybe Notepad++ ( suits you. At least you should be able to select the encoding for saving the files.

    Are you asking about what to do with a French translation of one of my plugins? If so, you can either make a pull request to the plugin repo at github or you could just send me the file by email (my email address is included in the README files of all my plugins).