sorry poor version for me...

Where are a simple fields like gender, age, location (select from a box) in the registration page. I think this options a very basic and don't understand because a so simple information is not avaliable in this advanced version O_o.

I have been waiting for the new "category option" to clasified my groups, fotos etc. and what i see?????

For me this version is very poor.

  • I disagree.


    It couldn't really be easier to add fields, you can also do so using the form/flexprofile plugins by kev jardin. In fact I'm sure brett has released a plugin addressing the very issues you've mentioned.


    What your option priorities are I don't know, but I doubt they're the same as everybody elses, particularly the people that have taken so much time producing a piece of software that's quite easy to modify with a little bit of effort.

  • Hi Phil,

    I think that Tomas wants a simple script that Just Works out of the box with no need for customisation.

    Eg. something like Php Fox or Dolphin.

    Of course, Elgg is infinitely more sophisticated than those scripts (and indeed someone with a bit of talent could easily use Elgg to put together a release that does stuff like that).

    Tomas, if you want someone to basically do all your work for you, then I suggest that you either hire a developer or license one of the commercial scripts.

    There is no real point in hanging around the Elgg community and bitching, however. That would be a bit like sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant and complaining that the service is not as fast as at McDonalds.


  • sometimes when we cain't get things working our way the problem usually is a case of "operator error" because a bad workman will always quarrel with the tools..

    Aw heck

    This Elgg

    is the Best;-)

    Elggitanyway because Elgg is here to stay !


  • I'dont want that anyone do all work for me. And you don't know how hard i have worked on my actualy 1.2 version.

    I'am only miss basic information in 1.5 version. A gender field and a categoris option was been in any basic script. This is a "community script" Where was the basic user search options like search for users in my city or users beetween xx age?

    I'am the only that thing this was basic in a community script?