group's access ID / name is old and i can't update it

i have a group on my site that has been there since the beginning and it includes in it the old name of my site. after i changed the name of my site, i removed the old name from every place it appeared within the elgg database, but for some reason the access level description for this old group was not updated when i changed the name of the group. i searched the database to try to find the text label and debug the issue but the phrase didn't show up in my search results! this makes me think that the text is held in a text file or cache somewhere outside of the mysql database, but i don't know for sure.

i am using group tools, so that could be involved - but so far i don't have much to go on.

anyone know why this is occurring? thanks

  • I think the entry in the access level dropdown shows the collection name using

    elgg_echo('groups:acl', array($page_owner->name))

    so you get a user-language specific entry in the form "Group: my_group_name". The access collection itself has an entry in the access_collections table. This entry also has the name of the collection in the name column in the form "Group: group_name" (not language specific).

    I've just tested what happens when you rename a group and it seemed to work for me, i.e. the access collection entry in the access level dropdown showed the new group name. Also, the string in the name column of the access_collections table was updated (I even expected this wouldn't change!).

    Where is the old group name still showing up on your site? I'm quite sure that the name is not saved in a text file but only kept in the database. I would think that the name is also not cached (and if this would be the case it should work after flushing the site cache).

    Have you tried to rename the group a second time? Maybe the Group Tools plugin is causing the trouble and you might try once more with this plugin disabled when renaming the group. Another plugin that might cause the issue could be the Profile Manager plugin (not likely but you never know). Or you might use yet another plugin that changes the handling of access collections (I think Matt has one that does something with access collections).

  • thanks for the tips and info. i just came to test some of your ideas and found that now i can update the name of the group and the access name changes with it. so maybe the problem was within some code that got fixed in between me having the problem, finding it and testing it again today.