how can we add RTL direction to Elgg Core?


this is Mojtaba and I am New in Elgg.

My default language direction is Right to Left and this is not available in Elgg Core.

as you know, we have two kind of language direction in the world, language with LTR direction and RTL direction.

by default of Elgg core, users can change language from their user setting and they can not change direction of whole of website.

I can translate aalborg_theme for right to left language just like l did before for other CMS like Wordpress or Pligg or Opencart, but I do not know how can I create another plugin to add RTL or LTR option for user setting page?

is it possible elgg have two aalborg_theme: aalborg_theme_LTR and aalborg_theme_RTL and when user01 change language from user01 setting, elgg just change the theme and language and direction for user01 and user02 can see website in LTR direction with other language and theme?

or add RTL direction in elgg core to change automatically when user chose RTL language.

is it possible to add this ability in elgg core for future?