CKeditor problems with simple cache

We had several issues with CKeditor:

  • Extremly slow when simple cache deactivated (of course, site is slower then by default - but there was a significant difference when we turned off CKeditor)
  • Not always working when simple cache activated (very often the editor loaded but people could not edit content - simply the field was frozen)
  • Complaints came from users with all different types of browsers (including Firefox, IE 10, Edge, Chrome)
  • We investigated several hours (including with a clean theme but on the same installation); also had professional devs (with elgg experience) investigating

I just thought would be good having that issue mentioned - if somebody has the same issue, and maybe a solution, let me know.

For now we switched to Extended TinyMCE and it works fine (


  • Try this repo.

    Before using: flush the caches

  • very often the editor loaded but people could not edit content

    When you say "clean theme" do you mean no 3rd-party plugins or themes?

    This should be reported to with as much detail as possible.

  • 3rd-party plugins and themes turned off

    of course, cache flushed several times; although we might have forgotten to turn of cache before upgrading (which we did some weeks ago; normally we do so but I have the feeling that we forgot).

    Well, what should I report when I have no clue where the problem lies :-)

    We might investigate again, but currently decided to go wiht TinyMCE and focus on other things...

    I just thought, if we report at least here somebody with the same issue might find it and add to it.

  • Report the Elgg, PHP, and web server versions. I get the hesitation, but a bug is a bug and core devs should get a crack at it, or at least track awareness of it. You can always make a community post to spread awareness, too.