Installing problems 2.1.1

I need help to install elgg 2.1.1 - if I start my Elgg site for installing the version 2.1.1 I get always the error message "Couldn't include '/chblbqxq/'. Did you run `composer install`?"

I have no idea to install composer at my domain.

​If I had installed prior versions of elgg (e.g. 1.9) , I haven't had never problems. Is there anything new since version 1.9. what I have to consider now?

Thanks for help!

  • You don't need to install Elgg 2.1.1 using composer. You can download the zip archive of Elgg 2.1.1 here on the community site ( and install it without composer like any Elgg 1.X version previously. The directory structure within the Elgg install directory will be different but the installation works in the same way.

  • Dear iionly,

    thank you for your hints.

    It was my own mistake before installing I had't inserted in my .htaccess the initialization of AddHandler php-fastcgi5.5 .php .phtml