Useful Plugins with Ongoing Development

I have been keeping busy and don't have enough time to maintain copies of my plugins here in the community. Here are some plugins you may find useful: - HTML email support using Zend_Mail. Implements additional email transports (default Sendmail, File transport, SMTP transport). Allows file attachments. Uses emogrifier for inlining CSS styles. - Provides an interface for editing notification templates. Uses mustache allowing notifications to contain a number of variables. - A set of templates for the editor that makes core notifications and some hype notifications edtitable - Create a log of notifications sent out with each method on the filestore - Mass mailing with mail merge to site and group members - Allows you to use multiple group subtypes with custom page handers and preset tools - AU subgroups integration for group subtypes - Improves group lists with sorting filter, makes navigation more logical - Group suggestions based on shared tags and relationships - Makes it easier to create custom profile views for group subtypes - Improves group membership pages, puts membership list, invites, requests into one place - Invite users and non-users to a group. One-click confirm from email notification.

Lists with standardized sorting/searching interface:,, - Combines profile edit, avatar edit, account settings, notification settings, tool into one tabbed layout. Clean up all the mess in notifications settings pages - Improved frienship listings, integrates with friend_request, combines all pages in one tabbed layout - Improved UX of  site members pages - Improved UX of search pages. Breaks the search down into 3 tabs for content, users and groups. Uses standardized listings with type filters etc. - API for working with images and thumbs. Automatically generates thumbs for uploaded files. - UI for uploading/displaying images, cropping images and thumbs. - API for working with entity avatars/icons. Upgrades avatars to entities.


For all plugins, I recommend to use composer, otherwise it's too many to keep up with. Composer will also resolve dependencies.

If you are unfamiliar with composer, each plugin has self-contained releases, you can find under the Releases tab. Each release has an icon indicating which Elgg version they are meant for.