Community plugins composer repository mapping

Since I'm not really active in Elgg development lately, I wanted to bring up some unfinished projects of mine, that someone might find useful. One of them was making community plugins repository contents installable via composer to make managing complex Elgg installations this one bit easier.

System basically works, but wasn't tested in depth. It's elements are:

  • satis built repository that is deployed at (though SSL cart being broken, prevents you from reaching it)
  • it is updated via cron using  plugin on community here
  • To use it you need to add additional repository to your composer.json and that's it. You should be able to just define plugins defined at as dependencies

Mechanism doesn't work for plugins with unusual version strings and for .tar.gz files (composer doesn't handle it well).

If someone was interested in picking those bits and using, feel free to do so.

  • Thanks, Paweł. I remember looking into it in the past and it was interesting. I think at this point we should concentrate on making a consumer of composer libraries rather than a shim for people who want to use plugins from developers that lag behind in adopting git and composer. The primary use case for your work (and I believe you were moving in that direction) would be a plugin installer a-la wodpress.

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