Group Tools - Unable to limit ownership transfer

I recently installed Jerome Bakker's  excellent Group Tools plugin for Elgg 1.8. Everything seems to be working fine except for the group owner field on the Edit Page - "Group profile/tools" tab.

In site admin I have tried setting the "Allow group owner transfer" field to the three possible alternatives. However the "Owner" field in my test group shows a list of other group members. When I as group owner select and save a group member's name, the ownership is transferred to them. In other words it is not possible to block a group owner from changing group ownership.

Also, after the transfer of ownership the original owner has the "Edit Group" and "Leave Group" buttons showing. Under the group icon they are not listed as owner. The second (take over) owner just has the "Edit Group" button showing. They are listed as owner under the group icon.

  • I just realized this probably has to do with the original Groups plugin. Guess it was the same before I installed Group Tools.  The clue is the Warning message under the Owner field. I'll just upper case this in the language file and hope for the best. Thanks. (Everything otherwise is perfect so don't want to disable Group Tools to prove a point).