Using elgg web services

Please advise kindly..!

I installed elgg and got it working with the great help of the community. I wanted to try using elgg web services, so I tried

hoping to get a list of web services to play with. Instead of a list I got only the only API call (system.api.list):

{"status":0,"result":{"auth.gettoken":{"description":"This API call lets a user obtain a user authentication token which can be used for authenticating future API calls. Pass it as the parameter auth_token","parameters":{"username":{"type":"string","required":true},"password":{"type":"string","required":true}},"call_method":"POST","require_api_auth":false,"require_user_auth":false},"system.api.list":{"description":"List all available API calls on the system.","call_method":"GET","require_api_auth":false,"require_user_auth":false}}}

Please advise what I did wrong and how to get the desired list.

In the case that there is really only one API's included (i.e. the list has 1 member only), please advise kindly how to get the all elgg standard web services to play with (and study).

Thank you so much.. 

  • There are no other methods built in; the web_services plugin is just a framework for building an API. Also, note you should specify "json" instead of "xml" unless you want to install the data_views plugin.

    FYI the plugin hypeGraph offers a more complete API with comprehensive docs.

  • Ooops! Thank you, Steve. I saw a list of web services somewhere (if I remember well, e.g. user.register, user.friend.add, group. join etc.), but it's true that they were deprecated. So later they were removed? Isn't it possible to find a collection of such basic methods somewhere? Or a common example like a skeleton to learn how to write what's needed? (Or isn't it the "system.api.list" just such a frame, so I should see its code?)

    Thank you again.. 

  • There are some plugins here and on github. I would recommend requiring API authentication for all methods. Last time I used one of thesw plugins I discovered that it can be used as a spamming vector, anyone could register a user via API and then spam the site using a user token.

  • Ooops! May be some bad guy wanted to misuse OS for creating spamming tools from innocent victims? :( OK, Ismayil, I'll try to search for it..  Thank you..