Speeding Up Composer

Lately composer is taking forever to resolve and update dependencies. Any tips on speeding things up? It seems the worst damage is done by bower-asset plugin, which fetches hundreds of releases before it decides which version to pull in.

I have xdebug enabled, which composer is complaining about. The profiling is disabled, I just like the error stacks in logs. Perhaps there is another way?

My composer files are growing pretty big on sites with 100+ plugins, so that's also a problem, I suppose. I sometimes manage to finish my coffee while composer is updating, so that's obviously a problem :)

  • I'm having those slow issues too. Sometimes it's quite annoying (in a meeting for example), but sometimes it's just a good excuus to get something to drink.. ;)

    If we could speed up this, that would be great. I didn't look into this yet, though.

  • I think we should first try specifying specific bower asset versions and do some comparison testing. We have some resistance to doing this but a dramatic improvement could change some minds.

Performance and Scalability

Performance and Scalability

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