Login Problem again and again?

Why is it asking again for login just after a minute or when user did anyone activity being already logged in and then it shows login page again.Also,while log in it says not allow to login from different domain.What's the fault???

  • @iionly,I have been logged out just after the installation(when I click on VIEW SITE).

    SO,How  that could be because of plugins as at that time its all of core.

    Still,write now i am having only 2 extra plugins which are favicon override and footer rename.

    I am not understanding whats the fault actually,

    SHOULD I INSTALL ELGG 2.02 and erase everything  I am having in public_html write now??

    Please help me..... I have to do it as early as possible!!!

    I will be very much thankful to you

  • @Naol-Eon.

    truly I am not getting why should I go with previous version.

    please help...

  • There's no reason to go with a previous version, disregard that.  After reading the thread I have no idea what the issue is offhand, but since you have no real data to speak of I would suggest trying again from scratch with the latest build and the data directory in the right place.

  • SO @Matt Beckett,i should go with new installtion of elgg 2.02

  • My DATA DIRECTORY IS EMPTY.I checked my data directory which I found to be empty.Is it remains empty always or thats the reason behind logging out of users.


  • There's something quite wrong with your installation if the data directory is empty - or let's say with the directory that's supposed to be the data directory. It couldn't be completely empty because I did upload a profile image for the guest account yesterday for testing reasons - and it still shows for the guest account. So, the data directory used by the site MUST contain something. If the directory you have created is still empty, it's currently not used by the site.

    Had you deleted the database when re-installing Elgg for your site or did you continue to use the database already used by the previous installation? If you haven't started the second installation with a completely new database it's very likely that this causes at least some problem - possibly also the logout problem. Is the directory used as data directory for your first installation still on the server. You might want to check if there's anything new saved in there. If yes, this would clearly show that something is wrong - even with the "correct" path to the new data directory showing on the settings page.

    I would suggest to start with a completely new installation of Elgg 2.0.2 to make sure that there's really nothing left behind from any former installations. This time before starting the installation:

    • delete the database and create a new one,
    • delete any "old" data directories and create a new one (if the directory to be used as data directory is indeed empty you can keep it but make sure that the permissions for reading/writing/accessing it are correct before starting the installation),
    • deleting everything from the former Elgg installation from the install directory.

    Only if you are sure that nothing is left, start the installation and make sure you enter the correct site url, and paths to install directory and data directory.

    Before adding any additional plugins or modifying anthing else FIRST test out if there are still any problems with getting logged out. Only if you are sure that there's no issue with an unmodified Elgg installation start with configuring the site to your needs or adding other plugins. If you start with changing stuff before you have tested an unmodified Elgg installation it is much, much harder to fix any issues.

  • Thanks iionly... Ri8nw it seems to be working some what (its not logging me out directly)
    But at time of log I,sometimes it takes 2times.
    And the frequently arising problem is,.."The page you requested has been expired and there is problem in content saving"...these. 2 Error messages are very frequent..will you please revisit it..

  • Sorry. But I can't really debug the issue just from visiting the site. And I surely don't have the time for helping you by other means than by suggesting here what I think the problem is and what might help to fix it. You can find out much more from your side because you can access the server to see what happens in the data directory and you might find also useful hints by looking in the server logs. If there are log entries you don't understand, you can post them here. But without such information we can't give you any advice that would really fix the issue by 100%. We can only suggest possible solutions based on the information you give us.

    I get the impression that you are changing things in your installation hoping that it fixes the issues without a clear idea of what you are doing. For example, it worked to log in without error with the url  http://www.4linkers.com/ yesterday but today I get an error both with the www and non-www urls. Have you made any changes in .htaccess or changed the site url in the settings? If you make changes but don't tell us about these changes it's quite impossible to give you any good advice.

    You did mention that the data directory is empty. And I say that this can't be because the uploaded files (e.g. profile images) must be in it. If the directory is empty nevertheless, this directory is currently not used and this is at least a problem (even if the login/logout issue might be caused by something else). Did you create a new database or not for the second installation? Something is surely wrong with the data directory or the corresponding settings in the database and the easiest way to fix it now - not having much content yet - is a new installation with a completely new database and making the correct input during installation.

  • While bew Installation, I dropes the previous database,moved previous installation ,and started with new....//
    Today,I am finding no problem with log out...(I didn't make any changes)
    But,while doing something on site,,,it shows The page you were using has been expired....///..
    In short,,,ri8 now its not showing any log out problem........still should I go with New installation.....
    And rallyyyy very thankful to you iionly,,you helped me a lot....thank you so much!!!!!!!