Login Problem again and again?

Why is it asking again for login just after a minute or when user did anyone activity being already logged in and then it shows login page again.Also,while log in it says not allow to login from different domain.What's the fault???

  • Yes iionly I have started fresh installation
    Please Tell me,what should be my data directory path, Is this right

  • It's not possible to give you a definite answer about the correct path to the data directory because the directory structure on servers of different hosting companies are just too different.

    First thing to note: you need to provide the "absolute" path to the directory you have created to be used as data directory. This means that this path will surely begin with a "/".

    Have you some kind of file manager available on your server, for example in CPanel or a similar frontend that is used on the server for administrative tasks? Within such a file manager you would see the directory structure, e.g. the home directory of your server account and the full path to this directory would surely show up somewhere, too.

    The path could be something like


    But I can't say for sure.

    If you created the directory on the same level in the filesystem as the public_html (not within this directory) you should also get the correct full path to the data directory when installing Elgg because Elgg should be able to correctly guess the full path to the public_html folder (install directory). So, if the path to the install dir input field during installation is showing for example


    you would only have to copy the "/some/path/to/" part and then enter correspondingly


    in the data directory input field.

  • I have given my data directory as /home/<my_server_account_name>/private_html and yes it worked out and I installed elgg.While installing I registered my url as  http://www.4linkers.com/

    BUt still Log in problem persists. Please check out.


    Log in as Username-Guest



    What error messages I found frequently is that-

    1-The page you requested has been expired

    2-There is a problem in content saving

  • Still Looks like there's a problem with the path or the .htacces

  • @arvixe, When I installed elgg and I have been redirected to the admin dashboard and from there when I click on view site ,IT LOGGED ME OUT

    While installing it accepted my path of data directory so Why will it loged me out just after 1st click on VIEW SITE?

    While installtion I have given site url as http://www.4linkers.com/

    Should it be http://www.4linkers.com


  • For the login problem:

    If i login from http://www.4linkers.com, I am able to login without any issue.

    If i login from http://4linkers.com, I am getting the error that login from the another domain is not allowed.

    As mentioned earlier, redirect your non-www url to the www url using htaccess.

    Link: http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Login_token_mismatch_error

  • Rohit,yes it allows you to log in from http://www.4linkers.com

    but after doing some activity after log in(like create a group,join grou,or anything else) it logged you out.

    thats what i am not getting,why is it logging you  out directly?

  • Try to clean everything in your private_html folder, and when I mean clean, I mean delete everything.

    Then try to install a previous version of elgg (say elgg 1.9.4). After that create a data directory completely different from the private_html folder.

    Then try to upgrade a couple of times and flush the cache MANY times, because it may say it flushed the cache when it didn't.

    Then modify your php.ini file to accept files larger than 10 MB. Then inside your .htaccess file, modify the redirect link to http://4linkers.com and NOT http://www.4linkers.com.

    Hope this helps!

  • @Naol-Eon

    What's the sense in installing an older version of Elgg? I don't see any sense in that at all. Also, the upload limit of 10 MB (or whatever currently set) has nothing to do with the isue of getting logged out.

    @Shubham Jaiswal

    Don't try it with re-installing. Let's try to fix the current installation instead. It looks like the current site url used (during installation) is http://www.4linkers.com and it seems to me that you don't get logged out when moving on the site when you use it to visit the site. For the login to work also when not using "www" you can modify the .htaccess file of Elgg (it's a hidden file in the install directory). You can add the following (change in bold) after the comment lines I also show here as reference:

    # If your users receive the message "Sorry, logging in from a different domain is not permitted"
    # you must make sure your login form is served from the same hostname as your site pages.
    # See http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/appendix/faqs/general.html#login-token-mismatch for more info.
    # If you must add RewriteRules to change hostname, add them directly below (above all the others)

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.4linkers.com/$1 [R=301,L]

    Add the two lines shown in bold immediatelly after the comment and above the following already existing rewrite rules. Now it should work also when logging in when using the url http://4linkers.com in the browser as you will get redirected to http://www.4linkers.com automatically.

    Do you still get logged out after this change?

  • Okay. You do get logged out even when using http://www.4linkers.com but I don't know at the moment what could be the reason. It seems you have added already some additional plugins (or at least one plugin) that's not included in the Elgg core package itself. Is this plugin compatible with Elgg 2.0 - does the plugin developer indicated this on the plugin download page? I would suggest to disable all 3rd party plugins (plugin not in the Elgg bundle) to see if the logout issue still happens then. If not, at least one of the plugins you added additionally is not compatible with Elgg 2.0. If it still happens that you get logged out, it would be necessary to know if there are any errors logged in the server's error log (either in the Apache error log or in the php error log if the php error log is separate). It could be that the reason for getting logged out is some wrong configuration on the server but I can't point out what exactly might be wrong.