Which could be the best host for elgg at the time of start up?

hii,I am done with all and now I have to upload it online i.e have to make it live.

Please suggest me better host if it is supposed to be high traffic after 5-6 months.

Is shared hosting will be better to start?

I am thinking to go with Outpower Hosting,

Please help,

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    If you're expecting high traffic after 5-6 months I really think it isn't good to start with a shared hosting anyway. You'll see that if you're growing, you will very likely walk into the shared hosters limits (CPU and RAM).
    If that happens, you'll have to move and get all the hassle of moving the entire website and db with the downtime it may take.

    What I would do is to get a cheap but good cloud hoster like digitalocean, take the cheapest option to start (5$ a month for ex.) configure the server for your needs and launch your website. From that moment you can scale op as your website grows.

    Use some server monitoring to see how your machine is acting (newrelic is nice, and Coldtrick made an Elgg extension so that you could have a close watch to how your Elgg install is behaving).

    Once your growing, you could just add more resources on the go, get more ram/cpu/bandwidth and HDspace without real downtime to your visitors, since your not moving anything. A big plus of it, is that you can tweak your server like you want.

    If you still want to start with a shared hosting plan, just make sure you do it with a good and reliable hoster, and not the cheapest one you can find. They'll cut you in resources and just throw a lot of bandwidth and space to you which you can't use anyway.

  • Why digital ocean's url is not working.I cant open that site,Is it restricted to particular country or something like that(I am from India).

  • Just tried a few indian proxies and they can all connect.