Can anyone help with 0.9.x anymore? ( PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! ;)

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I'm running a very modified ELGG 0.9.1 on my host's server, but I had to reinstall the OS on my development machine. I'm running XP with Apache2.x, MySQL5/6, PHP5.x (I've tried various versions of each), but I just can't get ELGG back up again. I've tried installing the unmodified ELGG scripts over and over, but I always get error messages that it can't detect the PHP MySQL modules. I've used msi installers as much as possible to ensure that the various software packages work together, and I always test to make sure I have a connection ($con = mysql_connect(...) throws no errors).

Does anyone have any ideas why ELGG can't detect MySQL eventhough PHP / MySQL are actually detected?? Thank you SO MUCH in advance for any help :)



  • Hi dusty,

    If Elgg couldn't connect to your database, then that could be an Elgg configuration issue.

    If you are getting errors saying that Elgg cannot find MySQL functions, then I think that this is a PHP configuration issue.

    What happens when you run

    print phpinfo();

    is there any reference to MySQL?

  • Thanks so much for your response Kevin, I think I'm on the trail of something now:


    The only mention of MySQL returned from phpinfo() is in the PATH variables:

    C:\Ruby\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 6.0\bin

    Should it mention MySQL anywhere else?


    Also, I noticed that it's trying to use MySQL 6.0 instead of 5.0 .  I installed 6.0 on my computer a while ago, but decided it might be the cause of the problem, so I uninstalled and installed 5.0 instead.  I don't know why it's listing 6.0...

    I thought about just editing my environment variables by hand, but I can't even find MySQL (eventhough everything else is listed in the PATH string!)


    Any ideas?



  • yes, there should  be a whole mysql section that among other things lists the Client API version (mine is 5.0.67)

  • I am a bit puzzled why anyone would run an Apache and PHP based app on a Windows host for anything except localhost testing and development. Linux based hosts usually provide much better server environments and are usually cheaper too.

    But your choice.

    In any case, for Windows I recommend that you install an all-in-one package like XAMPP or WAMP.

  • Well what do you know!  A good reboot was all it needed :)


    But you make a good point Kevin:  I should put Linux on one of my machines just for my PHP projects.  As I whiped this computer, I was literally dreading the amount of time I knew I'd waste getting the trifecta up and running again...  Now all I have to do is get ELGG to work :)


    Thanks so much for you help,