How to add remove links from topbar and show it in the sidebar?

hiii,I have to remove some links froms topbar and have to place it in the sidebar? I am using 2.01.

Please help,Thanks in advance.

  • Might this also help you?

    "Entity Menu Dropdown ... Cleans up entity menus into a tidy dropdown
    "If you're using a number of plugins that interact with content in some way, you might notice the entity menu can get pretty crowded.  You can edit/delete/feature/like/subscribe/pin/export/share - that's a lot to cram into a small space.

    This plugin groups those items into a tidy dropdown menu for each entity.  In the plugin settings you can set items to be left out of the dropdown so they display normally...."

  • I already have that plugin but it does not have option in plugin settings regarding topbar.Please tell,how can I do that?

  • Unregistering / registering of menu items works with using the elgg_register_menu_item() and elgg_unregister_menu_item() functions (see for explanation of the function parameters). But it depends on which menu items you actually want to remove from the topbar if using these (simple) functions will work because there's also the way of using the 'register', 'menu:<menu_name>' plugin hook for dynamically adding and removing menu items. It might be necessary to do it this way for some menu items.

    For removal of menu items you would need to know the unique menu item identifier to be able to unregister the menu item. Topbar menu name is "topbar" and the sidebar menu name would be "page" (alternatively there's also the "extras" menu in the sidebar). Unregistering a menu item would require the menu name as first parameter and the menu item identifier as second parameter. To find out the menu item identifier you could check the registered menu items with the developer tools plugin that lists all menu items on the corresponding "menu" page in the admin backend. Or you could look into the code where the menu item is registered (maybe not a bad idea anyway to see how exactly the menu item is registered and to do it in the same way for the new menu item in the sidebar).