version 1.12

This version is so broken down. why is it even being distributed. Every time I log into site I have to do it twice. Once I click admistrator it logs me out again and I have to log in again. once in administration dash board, I click plugins and it logs me out again. now I have to log in again to get plugins.

Once in plugins, I push "activate" on an already installed plugin, it logs me out. I have to log in again. Once I log in again and click "upgrade" it logs me out again. I log in (and if I get plugins again without logging in six more times) I click "settings" it logs me out AGAIN! This is utterly ridiculous. This has been nothing but trouble to the point I deleted it. Version 1.12 is plain crap!. I see barely any difference between this and 1.8 except 1.8 works and 1.12 doesn't. You people need to stop these constant upgrades. Every week is a new version and each version works worse then the last.

Do us a favor and give it up. Just go back to 1.8.... then go home and stop what youre doin. Youre not accomplishing anything with these broken down version you keep shoving out.

  • Have you ever thought it might not be Elgg that is broken but just your installation? Apparently, no one seems to have these kind of problems but you.

    And nobody forces you to upgrade. Stay with Elgg 1.8 if you are happy with it. But don't expect others to provide you for support for lifetime for Elgg 1.8. At some points others might want to move on and add some new stuff to Elgg - that isn't backward compatible anymore - and how else to introduce this if not with new versions of Elgg?

    And your problem with Elgg 1.12 might be described at (and a solution provided is described there, too).

  • Hello,

    The best way to deal with version changes is by having a Test site where you can see if the new version has compatibility issues.

    I strongly suggest to read the Elgg Docs:

    Elgg 1.12 and 2.0 feel faster and more stable than previous versions. Besides, upgrading makes your elgg network more secure and less buggy. 

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