For Professionals Knowledgeable!

Hello, professionals knowledgeable of Elgg.

I'm a Social Network Already this close to completing one year, but has enough registered members but still do not think this publicized, few people know, I need some information on how I can increase access,
I have done and continue to do i maximum possible dissemination, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Google AdSense, Adwords E and also the showcase of Elgg.

I have a very interesting and attractive content. It would be the case to wait a little longer?

  • Have you made your contents SEO friendly. make sure that you have lots of useful content, and wavh content is written with strong SEO words. and it has proper HTML tags( use metatags plugins).

    make sure that when they content get shared on facebook, twitter, its does not look funny, (the text, and images are proper)


    Create pages in FB,youtube, G+ and put  link back to your site.  go to related forums, in FB,twitter and share your links.   You can outsource the work to some one who knows SEO.

    shoecase on ELGG ,will not bring, your crowd, you need to backlink  to those sites where your potential users visit frequently.